The Nonfiction Minute

Publication resumes September 8 - a teachable moment for memorable learning

Welcome to iNK THINK TANK!

The award-winning authors  of iNK (Inter­est­ing Non­fic­tion for Kids) pro­mote the use of non­fic­tion in class­rooms through pro­grams that help teach­ers use real books to teach to cur­ricu­lum stan­dards in ways that excite and inspire students. 

HERE’S WHO WE ARE.…With a strong empha­sis on non­fic­tion, the Com­mon Core State Stan­dards and many indi­vid­ual state stan­dards make this the per­fect time to get to know iNK.  Scroll down our impres­sive list of  iNK Thinkers.


The Non­fic­tion Minute Here you will find short pieces of non-fiction, one a day, on a wide vari­ety of top­ics, writ­ten by out­stand­ing non­fic­tion writ­ers for chil­dren. And the best news is—it’s all FREE and wait­ing to be used by you and your stu­dents. How? In an intro­duc­tion on the “For Teach­ers” page,  Dr. Myra Zarnowski of Queens Col­lege gives sug­ges­tions of how to use these nuggets of non­fic­tion in the class­room.  So get to know really good non­fic­tion writ­ing. And it only takes a minute!

iNK Think Tank Data­base Find books on all sub­jects for all ages that fit into your cur­ricu­lum. FREE!

Authors on CalliNK Will immerse your school in the excite­ment of learn­ing when teach­ers and stu­dents col­lab­o­rate with iNK authors.  These  cost effec­tive “writer in res­i­dence” pro­grams are deliv­ered through inter­ac­tive video­con­fer­enc­ing and writ­ten sup­port through com­mu­ni­ca­tion on a pri­vate wiki.

The I.N.K. Blog Almost every day from Jan­u­ary, 2008, through June, 2014, iNK authors shared their thoughts on all things non­fic­tion. The blog is a trea­sure trove of infor­ma­tion, opin­ion, mus­ings, humor and gen­eral thought­ful­ness and search­able by key­word (author names are among the keywords).

Our Books

NathanYMSG2ndEdCopy (2) of schwartz_david_02Reich-BeatlesPatent-SuperSniffers
Patent OspreyCoverPatent-DecHorsesCopy (2) of murphy_savage-thunderCopy (2) of marx_everglades
Copy (2) of murphy_jim__03Copy (2) of murphy_jim__01McClafferty Fourth DownCopy (2) of mcclafferty_carla_something
Copy (2) of mcclafferty_carla_many-facesCopy (2) of marx_sharing-our-homelandCopy (2) of marx_kindergarten-dayPringle scorpions!
Copy (2) of kerley_twainkerley_barbara_02Copy (2) of jenkins_steve_03Jenkins_Beetle Book2 Cov_INK
Bridges AgrippinaCopy (2) of greenberg_jan_03Copy (2) of greenberg_jan_01Copy (2) of greenberg_ballet-martha_210h
Bridges Egypt covercobb_vicki_02Cobb-SEYCECobb-wedareyoucover
Copy (2) of colman_penelope_03Copy (2) of colman_penelope_02Colman-Corpses et alBrimner Strike
Brimner Black_WhiteBMP_CC_8613_JT.inddMoss TeaCoverwarren_under-siege
warren_surviving-hitlerturner_pamela_07turner_pamela_05Swinburne Ocean soup cover
Swinburne a butterfly growsswinburne seaturtlescientist coversiy_mosquitosiy_cars-on-mars
siy_bugshotsCopy (2) of schwartz_david_01Thomas bk cover For the BirdsThomas bk cover Farmer George Plants a Nation
Thomas Book cover nonfictionCopy (2) of delano_marfe_02Reich, cover of Minette's Feast bkCopy (2) of reich_susanna_03
warren_orphan-train-riderMoss-nursesoldierspyCollard, bk cover Lizards lo-resCollard-FireBirds
Collard-Snakes-Alligators-Broken HeartsSchwartz, bk cover Millions to MeasureWhiting yo-yo_maWhiting peasants
Rusch Volcano RisingRusch electrcal wizardlNathanyankeedoodlegals_coverRush Next Wave
Nathan Amy, bk cvr Round&RoundTurner Pam bk cvr Dolphins of Shark BayJenkins, bk cvr Animal WorldHarness, bk cvr Mary Walker
Harness bk cvr George Wash CarverSayre, bk cvr Here Come the HumpbacksHarness, bk cvr John AdamsMoss BarbedWireCvr001
Munro_Hatch_jacket460Munro SlitherySnakes.Roxie.Munro.BestWhiting Pearl Harbor (1)Sayre eat like a bear
Pringle ICE!Pringle Secret life of Woolly Bear CaterpillarBridges-ArtemisiaHollihan Reporting Under Fire jpg
Hollihan Isaac Newton and Physics for KidsHollihan Rightfully Ours (640x495)Albee Fashion_Cover_APPRVD FINAL_060214-page-0Albee Bugged
Albee Poop HappenedWhiting Pearl HarborAdkins cowboyAdkins Bridges
Adkins pirateRappaportbeyond-courage-cover-274x270Rappaport ToDare Might Things T Roosevelt_Rappaportmartins-big-words-273x300
Stockdale-Bring On the BirdsStockdale-Fabulous FishesStockdale-Stripes of All Types coverRusch Eruption
Newman- HTSCFrontNewman-FrontCoverLuckyLeopardsNewman-HowToSpeakDogMontgomery-Unsolved Mysteries of Nature Cover Image
Montgomery-Rattlesnake coverFC_BC_9780545780551.pdf

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