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The Nonfiction Minute

Publication resumes September 8 - a teachable moment for memorable learning

Welcome to iNK THINK TANK!

The award-winning authors  of iNK (Inter­est­ing Non­fic­tion for Kids) pro­mote the use of non­fic­tion in class­rooms through pro­grams that help teach­ers use real books to teach to cur­ricu­lum stan­dards in ways that excite and inspire students. 

HERE’S WHO WE ARE.…With a strong empha­sis on non­fic­tion, the Com­mon Core State Stan­dards and many indi­vid­ual state stan­dards make this the per­fect time to get to know iNK.  Scroll down our impres­sive list of  iNK Thinkers.


The Non­fic­tion Minute Here you will find  an archive of short pieces of non-fiction, one for every school day, on a wide vari­ety of top­ics, writ­ten by out­stand­ing iNK non­fic­tion authors for chil­dren. And the best news is—it’s all FREE and wait­ing to be used by you and your stu­dents. How? In an intro­duc­tion on the “For Teach­ers” page,  Dr. Myra Zarnowski of Queens Col­lege gives sug­ges­tions of how to use these nuggets of non­fic­tion in the class­room.  You get to know our authors so maybe you’ll get their books from the library. And it only takes a minute!

iNK Think Tank Data­base Find books on all sub­jects for all ages that fit into your cur­ricu­lum. FREE!

Authors on CalliNK Will immerse your school in the excite­ment of learn­ing when teach­ers and stu­dents col­lab­o­rate with iNK authors.  These  cost effec­tive “writer in res­i­dence” pro­grams are deliv­ered through inter­ac­tive video­con­fer­enc­ing and writ­ten sup­port through com­mu­ni­ca­tion on a pri­vate wiki.

The I.N.K. Blog Almost every day from Jan­u­ary, 2008, through June, 2014, iNK authors shared their thoughts on all things non­fic­tion. The blog is a trea­sure trove of infor­ma­tion, opin­ion, mus­ings, humor and gen­eral thought­ful­ness and search­able by key­word (author names are among the keywords).

Our Books

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