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Authors on Call Makes a HUGE Difference


What would happen to the learning curve in your school if your teachers and students collaborated with a team of award-winning, nonfiction authors in a school-wide project that promotes the joy of learning? We asked that question last year and here’s what happened:   The Common Core State Standards focus attention on nonfiction and the skills necessary to produce and interpret it. The iNK authors have been practicing these skills throughout their careers and can pass on their knowledge of how to master them to your students. Use our books as mentor texts, hear the author’s voice as you learn content, ask us how we conduct our research and make decisions about what to include. Learn as we “unpack” our processes.  In order to teach critical thinking, you need to give students something to think about.  So our books are aligned to National Curriculum Standards so it’s easy to find inspiring and informative material on the subjects you’re required to teach. Authors on Call can collaborate with your teachers and students via a series of live, interactive videoconferences so that together, everyone is fully immersed in the joy of learning.

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Authors on Call®

Let Authors on Call introduce you to some of America’s most talented, informative, and entertaining authors.  They write the books kids love to read about the subjects you are required to teach. Their books are tied directly to National Education Standards, and their writing is far more accurate—and far more memorable—than any textbook on the market. They are ready to share their love of learning with you and to help integrate their extraordinary books into your classroom curriculum.

Roxie Munro-Visual Thinker

Heather L. Montgomery-Life-Long Learner

Jan Adkins-The Explainer General

Kerrie Hollihan - Wondering Woman

Vicki Cobb - The "Julia Child" of Kids' Hands-on Science

Carla Killough McClafferty - illuminating lives from the past, impacting lives in the present

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent - The Animal Ambassador

David M. Schwartz - The Amazing, Engaging Math Exponent

Alexandra Siy - SIYence Nonfictionista

Peggy Thomas - Curiosity Queen

Andrea Warren - Giving Voice to Children in History

Stephen R. Swinburne - Lifelong Naturalist

Join the conversations on our wiki. See how our handling of real world material is different from traditional expository prose.

See how our handling of real world material is compelling and easy to understand.  In addition to our collaborations with teachers and students, Authors on Call® are available for individual interactive school programs via videoconferencing through the Center for Interactive learning and Collaboration (  We’ve listed all our programs with links to  here.

Note: We’ll be adding authors and pro­grams through­out the year so check often.

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